Automated Content Marketing for Car Dealerships

70% of consumers prefer learning about companies through articles over ads, underscoring the value of content marketing in the digital age. This strategy boosts online visibility, establishes trust, and drives sales for dealerships.

However, consistently delivering engaging content is complex. It requires considerable time and resources for its creation and distribution, managing multiple content channels, and evaluating their effect on customer engagement and sales.

Glo3D simplifies this process with a platform that automates content creation and distribution, effortlessly enabling dealers to maintain a robust online presence.

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How Glo3D Automated Content Maketing Works?

You're Done!

We take care of the rest and publish your car posts seamlessly to your social media pages.


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The Benefits of Using Glo3D Social Media Auto-post

Increase Consistency

Real-Time Updates

Don’t wait to update!
Manually updating your social media channels is time-consuming and can delay the online availability of your car inventory. With Glo3D App, your inventory is posted in real-time on your social accounts, ensuring that potential customers are always up-to-date with the latest vehicles, pricing, and promotions available.

Increase User Engagement

Keep in touch with your visitors!

Glo3D empowers car dealers to consistently engage with their audience, ensuring a steady stream of content that keeps their brand top-of-mind. Automating social media strategy results in  encouraging more likes, comments, and shares and maintain active online presence.


Customer Insights & Analytics

All the reports under one roof!

With Glo3D, you don’t need to switch repeatedly between various social media accounts, because we provide valuable analytics and insights about how users interact with your posts across social media, including engagement rate, click-through rate and most viewed vehicles.

Generate More Leads

Never miss a serious car buyers!

Leveraging social media auto-posting allows car dealers to maintain a consistent presence online, ensuring they’re always visible to potential customers. This strategic visibility increases the chances of capturing the attention of prospects precisely when they’re contemplating their next car purchase and significantly boost lead generation and lead nurturing.

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