360 Car Interior photos

This article will help you to configure a 360 camera with your smartphone and instructs you to do 360 car interior photography.

360 car photography software

Capturing interior photos is a part of 360 car photography. To take the 360 interior photos, you need to connect the 360 camera. Take into account that the 360 cameras have their software. So, it is important to update the software (firmware). Then we will discuss how to connect your 360 car photography panoramic camera to a smartphone for taking 360 photos of the car interior. I would like to use Theta Z1. There are four options on the camera and you need to just turn it on first. Then, you can see the connection status on the device.

The connectivity of the 360 camera for car photography is done via WiFi. On your smartphone, turn the WiFi on to have them connected. You can find the required password on the camera (on the lower side). You can push the second button again to start repairing if the connectivity does not happen. Next, you can go back to the app. Let’s check the filter on the lower middle. On the left middle side, it has to be on HDR rendering. The HDR rendering helps you if you have areas with high contrast.

The 360 camera normally has a button at the back to capture, but we are not going to use it in this case. Alternatively, we use the red button on the app. You can use this button to distinguish the front and back of the camera. It means that if you can see the button, that side is the back. The side showing the camera logo is also the front that has to be to the front of the car. You should have the camera on the same level as the eyesight in the middle of the car. Please check the camera should face to the front and the plus in the middle should point to the middle of the dashboard.

Once everything is fixed, go to the blind spot of the car to be less visible, then click “capture” on the app. After a little bit of processing, it will navigate you to the screen where I have to do the lineup. In this stage, you should keep the steering wheel, the most important internal part, within the line and it should be straight horizontally. Having it straight will help us with hotspots, the option that Glo3D 360 car photography app gives you to append. When you did the adjustments and make sure it is close to the guideline, just click “Next”.

In this section, we did the 360 photography for the front, but you can do the same with the back. Having a monopod can be very handy here as you can raise the level or keep the camera stable vertically or horizontally. It works also for classic cars or insurance purposes to disclose how the undercarriage looks.

Depending on what you set up in “Automotive Settings“, you will have various options in the interior photo section. Here, you will be able to see the guidelines of what needs to be captured. In “Entertainment Center”, similar to the “Exterior Photo” section, on the top right, you can select the type of camera. But you can choose the default lens so the operator need not choose anything. You can adjust brightness contrast before and after you finished the capture.

When you are done with 360 car panoramic photos, we automatically generate four wide-angle photos including one will cover the front, one will cover the back, and two will cover the sides. Even a professional DSLR camera cannot provide those photos. So, if you do not take any 2D photos, not only will you have a 360 virtual tour but also you will have a total of 13 2D photos. These photos are automatically generated by the virtual tour. As you can see, it will save your time significantly and you can do the photography fast!

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