How to create a 360 car exterior photography

In this article, you will find how to follow the outline and directions in the Glo3D app to capture 360 exterior photos of a car.

360 car photography software

After applying the initial settings, the 360 car photography will start with capturing exterior photos. Depending upon the outline shown, you should stand on one side of the car. On the right top side, you can adjust the camera. We recommend using ultra-wide if you don’t have enough space. With an ultra-wide, you could stand three steps away from the car, however, you need to stand farther away if you choose to have a wide angle. The reason is that if you want to be close to the car and also select the wide-angle, the nearer parts will be shown bigger and the rest will be smaller than what they should be normally. As you need to walk around the car and have enough leeway during the photography, you should select the options that fit you best.

On the lower left, it will show you the direction you should move. The green dot is you and the car will be automatically detected when you walk around. Here you can adjust the brightness by changing the left sidebar and setting up the resolution on the lower right. If you would like to set up a default value for brightness and resolution, do so in “Automotive Settings“.

When you are capturing a side of the car, try to keep it inside the oval shape, and purple line. If you are capturing the back and front of the vehicle, keep it inside the circle. Remember that center of the car should be at the center of the circles and the oval shape. But do not get disappointed if you go off the oval shape as we have a couple of AI-powered features doing alignment, scaling, relocating, and any sort of adjusting undesired movements.

Finally, you are ready to go! Press the capture button, keep your phone balanced in the aforementioned position, and then start moving towards the left as arrows show. When you complete a circle, it will automatically stop, no need to push any button. You will then see a very rough demo of what you captured that will get improved substantially in the next steps. Depending on what you set up on “Automotive Settings“, you will see a series of 360 car photography options. If you are not happy with a photo you can get back and skip each step or retake everything.

As you walk around the car, we automatically create eight 2D photos (two sides, two fronts, two backs), and you do not need to take individual photos. If you would like to take a photo from the other positions, for example, an open the door from the driver’s side, you can use “Default lens” (on the top right) to take a photo and attach them to hotspots. “Default lens” can be easily set up and pre-selected by the management, so the operator does not need to take any action just point and shoot! With the benefit of automatic HDR technology, we provide a high balance contrast adjusted and zoom option to set up. You can also choose portrait and landscape.

After taking the photo, here is a Glo3D filter (the butterfly sign) adjusting the setting automatically to improve the quality. The same thing can happen if you want to take a photo with an open rear door or an open hood.